Are You Looking for
Quick Fixes or Solutions
that Last a Lifetime?

Lasting solutions depend upon making permanent changes in your thinking, your emotions, and your behavior. This means you need to change yourself from the inside out, not the outside in. Internal change requires developing a new set of skills and reactions rather than relying on a quick fix through drugs or medications.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

I'm Dr. John Kelley, Licensed Psychologist #PSY6703, and I've spent 35 years helping people to conquer problems without medication. I've taught doctoral students for 32 years and am nationally certified in methods that teach people to change from the inside out by developing their internal resources.

For years, I have had to defend my clients' rights to use alternative approaches without medication—sometimes against hostile critics. Most importantly, I have helped many to improve dramatically using non-invasive, effective procedures without drugs.

Medication has its uses, but also its abuses. Far too often it is the "fast-food" approach to psychological care. It's quick, easy, and—often unnecessary.

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WARNING: Under NO circumstances should you stop taking any medication prescribed by your physician without his or her guidance. There are legitimate and therapeutic reasons for taking medication depending upon your specific needs and situation. The philosophy expressed on this website is merely that medication is too often used as the treatment of first resort when there are much better options to try first. Any decisions you make regarding starting or not starting medication are your responsibility and should be made in consultation with your licensed health provider.

Would You Rather Mask Your Problems
or Master Them?

Some medications relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, ADD, or pain quickly—sometimes in a matter of 20-30 minutes. Other drugs may take a couple of weeks to act. Whatever the case, pills never solve problems. They hide them. Sooner or later, the problems return unless you continue to suppress them with more drugs.

Practicing different actions, thought patterns, and emotional responses creates new and stronger connections in the brain, which is the basis of all learning. Neurons that fire together wire together. Altered neural pathways in the brain last indefinitely and become the platform for achieving new goals and expanding your options for a better life.

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Would You Rather Swallow Endless Pills or Create Life-Long Skills?

Benefits from pills tend to wear off quickly. That's what refills are all about. For most psychiatric drugs, the real profit is not in the original prescription. It's in the refills.

Skills are developed through repeated practice. Certain skills learned earlier in life are maladaptive, but the good news is that you can learn better more adaptive skills to overcome them. Proper, repeated practice literally rewires your brain so that you can think, feel, and respond in better ways.

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Do You Prefer Nasty Side-Effects
or Beneficial Ones?

Today's wonder drugs often relieve symptoms at the expense of creating nasty side-effects such as dry mouth, sluggishness, weight gain, headache, constipation, etc. Frequently, people end up taking a second drug to suppress the unwanted side-effects of the originally prescribed medication. Even worse, sometimes a third drug is prescribed to ease the side-effects of the second drug.

Improved communication abilities, enhanced concentration, and greater relaxation skills often lead to unintended but desireable side-effects including increased confidence, amplified optimism, and expanded sociability. Sometimes skill-based solutions produce completely unexpected but beneficial side-effects as described in the true story below.

The Tale of the Unexpected Side-Effect

Some years ago, I was using neurofeedback training to help a young adult successfully avoid the pronouncement offered independently by two psychiatrists that she would need to be on medication for the rest of her life. One day, I was giving her feedback from the sensory-motor strip of her brain to achieve greater emotional self-regulation. Incidentally, it just so happens that the sensory-motor strip is the part of the brain that governs bodily self-awareness.

Suddenly, during the session, she perked up and exclaimed that she could control her bladder. Surprised, I asked her what she meant. She explained that she had a life-long problem unexpectedly losing bladder control, often at inopportune moments. Other family members confirmed this difficulty.

From that day forward, she was much more aware of her bladder and fully able to maintain control. The moral of the story is that when you help the brain to achieve or regain function using natural methods, the side-effects are almost always beneficial and sometimes greatly unexpected.

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Would You Prefer to Live a Life of
Greater Dependence or Independence?

Drug companies sell drugs hoping to sell more. If the solution to your problems reside in a small little pill, you run out of solution when you run out of pills. You dare not to leave home without them. And you panic when you lose them or have trouble refilling your prescription.

Skill-based therapy trains people to develop from the inside out. Learn the appropriate skills, embed them deep in your brain, and they are completely portable. You carry them wherever you go. They belong to you, not your doctor, not your therapist and not your pharmacist.

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Would You Prefer Solutions that
Weaken Over Time or
Gain Strength Over Time?

Like all unnatural therapies, medications tend to lose their effectiveness with repeated use. At first 20 mg of a drug seems to help, but eventually your body adapts to the presence of this foreign substance and requires 40 mg to get the same effect. Unfortunately, after more time passes, some folks need to go to 60 mg, which might be the maximum dosage for that drug. Later, they have to go to a different drug altogether.

As with all natural therapies, skill-based solutions improve with usage. Moreover, well-rehearsed skills spill over into related abilities helping people to become increasingly and more broadly competent over time.

Now is the time to embed skill-based solutions into your life so that you grow stronger with time. Call (714) 985-4700 to schedule a FREE phone consultation to find out how 1.

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