How to Conquer Your Anxiety
Permanently without Medications

You may have suffered from anxiety for a short time or a long time. Your anxiety may be mild or intense. It may strike predictably at certain times or places or unexpectedly like a bolt of lightening out of the blue. You may be able to travel about relatively freely, or you may be housebound. It doesn't matter.

You Can Master
Your Anxiety Anyway

Your fears may relate to people, places, animals, things, health, or only particular situations. It still doesn't matter. When you practice the correct procedures,

You Can Vanquish
Your Fears

Effective methods must accomplish several important tasks. They must:
  • enable you to halt your worrying that bad things are going to happen. Currently, you may spend countless hours dreading things that never happen. You must develop the tools to replace such thoughts with serene, confident ones.

  • teach you how to control your physiological arousal. You may suffer from sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, butterflies in your stomach, jitteriness, and/or other physical symptoms. You must learn to override them with deep bodily relaxation at will.

  • eliminate avoidance of things that you fear. You may keep away from certain places, people, or situations. You must become free to go where you want to, when you want to, and how you want to without any consideration of possible anxious symptoms.

  • re-educate your nervous system so that non-conscious fear reactions are neutralized. The amygdala in your brain is an early warning system that alerts you to possible danger without conscious thinking. You must de-activate this powerful neurological warning system to completely eliminate your fear reactions.

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5 Essential Ingredients
For Conquering Your Anxiety

Although there are a variety of programs and approaches to overcoming anxiety, there is one absolutely necessary component to mastering fear.

Ingredient #1: Face Your Fear

In order to re-educate your brain and your body that your fear is harmless, you must confront the person, place, thing, or situation that you fear. Some programs effectively accomplish this through imagination, vicarious experience, or real life experience. Unless you test whatever makes you anxious, you will never discover it no longer has power over you. Under most conditions, real life testing is the quickest and most powerful ingredient for healing.

No ingredient, no matter how powerful, will ever succeed unless you use it. The fear of becoming anxious or panicking is usually what will stop you from confronting your fear long enough to heal. The second ingredient is what will enable you to face your fear so healing occurs.

Ingredient #2: Reduce Your Arousal

Hyper-arousal may threaten to drive you over the edge. When your body or mind even hint that you might lose control, you may panic and run and hide from your fear. An arsenal of techniques are available to enable you to reduce your anxiety sufficiently so that you can confront your fears long enough to re-educate your brain and body that your fear is harmless. These may include calm breathing, muscular relaxation, thermal biofeedback, SMR neurofeedback, autogenic training, alpha neurofeedback, the relaxation response, etc.

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If you suffer from mountains of anxiety, you may easily dissuade yourself from trying to resolve your problems. Your difficulties simply seem too great. The third ingredient reduces mountains into molehills so that you can successfully achieve a life free from overwhelming and irrational anxiety.

Ingredient #3: Gradation

There are very few problems in life that cannot be made vastly easier by breaking them down into smaller steps. With anxieties, that is far less challenging than you might imagine. If you are afraid of leaving your home, you may be able to sit at the threshold of your door and conquer the anxious feelings you have there. Later, you may be able to do something more difficult such as sitting on your porch. Later still, you may be able to sit outside in your yard. Gradation can help you reclaim your life inch by inch.

Your anxiety is always ebbing or growing. Rarely (if ever) does it settle at a constant level and remain stable. This next ingredient is vital in making continuous progress in defeating your anxiety.

Ingredient #4: Repetition

Success is built upon success. Failure is merely giving into momentary failure again and again and again. When you experience unanticipated anxiety, your natural tendency is to withdraw and not repeat the experience. To overcome anxiety, it is critical to withdraw from a difficult experience long enough to recuperate, calm yourself, and then reapproach the challenge better prepared. By repeatedly confronting your fears, you progressively reclaim your lost freedom and disarm your internal anxious alarms.

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Your thought life will always contribute to getting better or undermining your success in slashing your anxiety levels. The next ingredient addresses this issue.

Ingredient #5: Mentally Rehearse Success

The longer you have suffered from anxiety, the more you have rehearsed fearful scenarios in your mind, not to mention those you have experienced first-hand. Your thought life will either corrode your progress or reinforce your progress. It is vital to practice success in the theatre of your mind. Otherwise, you will invariably practice failure and make it a habit.

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These five ingredients are sufficient to free most people from their fears without resorting to medication. All successful interventions are combinations of these five with perhaps one or several smaller ones mixed in. One thing is for certain, however. Unless you change your approach to your anxiety, it will persist and very likely further entrench itself in your brain, your behavior, and your mind.

What Common Therapeutic Approach to
Anxiety is Missing from this List?

Notice that one popular ingredient missing from the above list is simply talking about your anxiety and/or its origin. Talking about your anxiety is the weakest, least successful variation of the first ingredient listed. The problem is not that it can never be successful, but that it rarely is successful without the addition of more powerful strategies and ingredients.

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What Can You Expect from
an Effective Treatment Program?

With an effective treatment program, you should notice improvements almost from the very beginning. Sometimes progress may be slow, but you should be able to notice consistent, gradual advances. Sometimes longstanding issues respond to proper interventions in remarkably short periods of time as indicated in the following story.

Mike Straumietis, President of Advanced Nutrients, is a business associate and friend of Dr. Kelley. Mike was excited about an experience he had involving his own anxieties at a business luncheon at which he was the featured speaker. He asked Dr. Kelley to post his story on this web page.

Mike's Story:
The Best Kept Secret Right Under Your Nose

Listen to Mike's story in his own words by pressing the "Start" button on the audio player below:

Actually, there is no great secret to the technique Mike used. He simply inhaled and exhaled properly in a slow, rhythmic pattern for several minutes to tone down his anxiety before he went up to speak.

There are more powerful techniques available to master your anxiety than the one that Mike learned and used in literally less than 5 minutes. Eighteen months later, after a much more formal presentation in front of 50 business men and women, Mike reported that he continued to use the same breathing technique complemented by some other strategies he added on his own to achieve an anxiety level of "1" on a 10-point scale.

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